My Dog

I now have a dog I have had her since the end of the summer holidays (end of August early-September) she was born at the start of the holidays in June. She is a few months old and now she is bitting a lot and she is now sleeping through the night.

Monday 23rd November 2020

Today I had sport (I hate sport), learning support (it was actually quite productive) and art I found the teacher does grade your artwork and she only speaks french and shes really annoying so I don’t really like her, I mean I know she means well but, doesn’t mean she can’t explain some stuff in English, I mean its a bilingual school so, that was crap and that was basically my day.


today is Tuesday I went to Moustia and before, a good few weeks ago I got a switch and a book called, The Count Of Monte Cristo.


when i wake up and feel a little crazy. This is from the big bang theory (tv show)


today I will not be going back to school for I went to Italy with choronovires