Monday 23rd November 2020

Today I had sport (I hate sport), learning support (it was actually quite productive) and art I found the teacher does grade your artwork and she only speaks french and shes really annoying so I don’t really like her, I mean I know she means well but, doesn’t mean she can’t explain some stuff in English, I mean its a bilingual school so, that was crap and that was basically my day.


today is Tuesday I went to Moustia and before, a good few weeks ago I got a switch and a book called, The Count Of Monte Cristo.


when i wake up and feel a little crazy. This is from the big bang theory (tv show)


today I will not be going back to school for I went to Italy with choronovires


From a Jewish German child typed up from my mind

liebe Mama

Ich hoffe, Ihr Safe in Deutschland. Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass die englische Landschaft so schön wäre. Die Sprache ist schwer zu lernen. Die Reise über das Anhören war schwer. Eine der Angestellten gab mir sogar einen extra Schokoriegel, aber das war in Holland. Ich habe leider gehört, dass Holland nicht mehr sicher ist und ich gerade rechtzeitig herausgekommen bin. Ich vermisse dich Mama ist Papa okay Ich weine als schreibe ich diesen Brief Ich vermisse dich. liebe Oliver dich Mama ist Papa okay, ich weine, wie schreiben Sie diesen Brief, den ich vermisse dich.

liebe Oliver

Dear mum,

I hope you’re safe in Germany I have never thought the English countryside would be so beautiful, the language is hard to learn, the journey over hear was okay, one of the staff ladies even gave me an extra chocolate bar, but that was in Holland. Sadly I have heard Holland is not safe any more and that I got out just in time. Is dad okay I am crying as write this letter I miss you.

Love Oliver